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Lightworkers Bootcamp 5 sessions in 5 weeks ~ Distance Healing

Manifest your Soul's desires! Your Destiny path is

revealed and self defeating patterns and obstacles

are removed. Your intuition deepens and you connect

with the voice of the Universe! The spiritual impulses that

arise in your heart open you to a higher expression of Being,

plus enjoy weekly Cosmetic Energy HealingĀ® distance-sessions

$1500/5 weeks with Emailed Report 

Delving deeper into the messages - add this to any Healing Service!  

Discover what your body has to say, what is being

expressed when each wrinkle is treated, each hair

rejuvenated, your body contoured, and your skin

pampered. Find out the information your body is keeping

under wraps! These conversations reveal intimate guidance.

Beyond the insights I give with each session, this service

provides you with wisdom so you can interrupt perpetuating

destructive patterns. Emailed Report. Additional $120 

Spiritual Counseling - add this to any Healing Service!

Increase your inner awareness and understanding of the

spiritual lessons that are hidden in your body. I connect with

your Spirit Map and find you on your Destiny Path. There I

interact with you and your surroundings, calling you to greater

fulfillment. I identify the spiritual solution, and provide support and

clarity, With your help, we restore more of your authentic Self, and

ease your journey. Emailed Report. Additional $120

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling ~ Distance Healing

This can be applied to any aspect of life. I connect with your

Spirit Map and join you on your Destiny Path. Everything

described above is provided in this stand-alone service.

I go beyond the Destiny Path and identify your patterns of belief

and transform them as well. I focus on healing not just your

convictions, but any residue from your family, ancestors and

past lives. Emailed Report $300

Intuitive Life Coaching Intensive 6 month program ~ Distance Healing

Here is an opportunity to express spiritual consciousness in each decision and action, deepening your awareness with every session. The inspired choices you make each day empower you to create your ideal life. I guide you to discover more of your authentic Self and assist you in amplifying your intuition. I work with you to overcome obstacles so you create and attract a fulfilling life. I provide you with insights, advice and warnings related to specific subject areas including career, relationships, money, love, family issues and more. During our coaching sessions, I assist you in taking a direct path into a brighter future! Phone for a free consultation and rates. It is very important to be clear about what you want! Single session available upon request ($300/2 hours)

Space Clearing

Subtle, yet powerful, vibrations are used to cleanse your space. Clients fill out a questionnaire so I understand what to clear from their lives, and what they want to enhance in their life. I customize a unique approach with ceremony and blessings, intention, prayers, and clearing practices chosen for their specific needs and situations. Their rooms are transformed into sanctuaries of inspiration and harmony. It's ideal to order this seasonally; or when moving, after a divorce, start of a new job or career, after an illness or death, birth of a child or grandchild, when selling a home, or just to improve the creative energy so your house becomes a home to your heart & soul. ($300/2 hours)